Spring Pool Openings

Call us today to schedule your pool openingĀ 740-687-4770!

Our responsibility at the Spring Opening (Inground Pools Only):

  • Remove, rinse and fold the pool cover
  • Install return fittings, ladder(s), hand rails & baskets
  • Re-assemble pool equipment and start filtration system
  • Add pool opening chemical package if purchased from Rainbow Pools
  • Attempt to light heater (If heater does not light a separate service call will be scheduled)
  • We will notify you, in writing, of your scheduled pool opening date

Customers responsibility PRIOR to pool opening:

  • Remove water, leaves and debris from pool cover (Additional charge if we do it)
  • Place hose under cover and fill water to proper level
  • Leave ladders, handrails, return fittings, and baskets by poolside
  • Leave gates unlocked
  • Ensure electricity and water supply is turned on

*** If we are unable to start your system due to any of the above not being done prior to our technicians arrival, an additional fee will apply for a return visit.

Customers responsibility AFTER pool opening:

  • If algae is present allow water to circulate roughly 48 hrs. before bringing a water sample to our store to be tested. All the chemicals that are needed to balance your water are an extra charge and are not included in the pool opening.

Optional services at pool opening (Inground Pools Only):

  • Clean & inspect filter
  • Pump Replacement
  • Heater Replacement
  • Plumbing ,fittings,Replacement
  • Chemical start up.

*** These services MUST be scheduled PRIOR to the pool opening.