Fall Pool Closing

Like our Spring pool opening service, our Fall pool closing service uses highly trained and professional technicians to perform all winterizing procedures. We take the responsibility of winterizing your system seriously because we want to ensure a safe pool investment.Due to the popularity of our Fall pool closing service, we recommend you schedule your pool closing early as service is locked in according to a first come, first scheduled basis. Call us today to schedule closing 740-687-4770.

Our responsibility at pool closing:

  • Backwash filter
  • Drain filter, pump and heater (Additional equipment is an extra charge)
  • Blow-out and plug return and suction lines. (Plugs and Gizmo’s are not
  • Remove ladder(s), handrail(s) & baskets.
  • Add pool closing chemical package  & Anti-Freeze (Additional Charge)
  • Install one ( Safety Cover) or winter cover and fill water bags,  if necessary (Additional cover is an extra charge)

Customers responsibility PRIOR to pool closing:

  • Leave your (Saftey Cover) winter cover, water bags, and winter plugs/gizmos by the poolside
  • Provide electricity to the pool and access to running water
  • Lower water to the appropriate level
  • Vacuum to remove leaves and debris from the pool unless previously scheduled with the pool closing.
  • Above Ground Pools: If using a pillow, the water level must be lowered to below the skimmer.

Customers responsibility AFTER pool closing:

  • Customer agrees to remove any debris and/or water that may accumulate on the cover and maintain proper water level in the pool over the winter months. Mystic Pool is not responsible for covers falling in, springs, straps or cables breaking, or damaged water bags/pillows. These situations may arise due to excessive weather conditions that are out of Rainbow Pool’s control. Store pool equipment in a proper location. If we return a separate service charge will apply.

Optional services at pool closing:

  • Spill over spa
  • Waterfall
  • Additional pump and/or filter